Thursday, June 1, 2017

A dream

A dream! A dream that tells me that I am missing my old life. I was sitting with some old faces at IFL who were smiling and chit-chatting. One of them was explaining to me about my schedule and what I had to do. Although I was not sure what I had to do and I couldn't find my schedule, I was very confident that I could do the job because it was simply dealing with these youngsters whom I had managed before. Woken up by the little one's cry, I realized that it was just a dream. I know that I miss my old self and I can't stay at one place. I need to move forward, and that's the direction I am heading to.

 The confidence, the trust in myself in the dream, is what I need at the moment, and I strongly believe that sometime later on in the future, I will come back to this post and tell myself that I am confident in my new job.

Friday, May 19, 2017

You can do it

Things will be okay. With your best efforts, you can be reassured that things will be fine. Keep your chin up and think positively. It's all about planning and managing. You are tasked to do it because he trust you and believe that you can do it. Others can do it! You can also do it! Be optimistic and Keep learning! You may start with crawling, but it's important that you reach the destination, and you will, Thida!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It will pass

This time will pass. It's not the end of the world and it is not the biggest mistake in life that I should be scared of. It's simply a carelessness which is teaching me to be careful with surrounding people. It will pass soon. Don't panick. It is a life experience and I should be thankful for learning it on my path to be better leader. Things'll be fine!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spread love

"Whatever you do, do it with your genious intentions so that you don't have any doubts of what people suspecioisly think of what you do." This is my life principle. I am sharing love with people I work with and I am sure that at least a few of them are spreading this love to others.
I may not be always paid with love in return of my good deeds but I know that I will be often helped in some ways because of my honesty and good will. Keep doing good things, Thida!

I bought one scarf for each staff member as an appreciation of their hard work and support and I mean it. I'm happy that they are excited about it. #spreadlove

Monday, October 31, 2016

Why? Why?

I've been trying to understand reasons why I was not selected for that leadership training. I am capable, qualified, and in a position that matches with all of the requirements. Why not me? Because I was once involved in the ELT training? Or because they think I've got plenty of opportunities of this kind of training in my current position as a campus manager? Or because they are given this to the potential younger ones? All of these are logical and I were trying to accept them but I still couldn't until I received an email this morning from one of the TTP Cambodian teachers that he has been selected for the training. I'm so happy for him. I lost it to the young qualified man whose bright future is waiting. As a leader, I always want these people to grow professionally!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Keep walking!

I'm no longer interested in doing this again. It seems useless. It's better to make use of what is available at the moment. Thida, as a manager, there has to be a focus on other projects with bigger impacts. Think outside the box. The box is too small. Learn how to think outside the box. Learn how to think strategically and plan strategically as well. You can't just do what you want to do without any particular purposes. It's annoying not to have anything to do and it's even annoying when you keep telling yourself that you are too weak to lead people. Keep your chin up and walk forward. Time will tell if you are capable enough. Keep pushing yourself to be better! Never give up. It's okay to pause for a while, but it's not okay to give up at this moment. Don't move back! Move Forward

Saturday, September 24, 2016


A leader is the one who shoulders responsibilities for the whole team. He is the one who has to be strong with good judgment and positive attitudes. He has to know how to take control of problems and overcome challenges. I know I am not that good, but with my attitudes, positive mindset, life principle of spreading good deed, I am on the right path to be a good leader. Remain strong and forget small unnecessary stuff! There are big things for you to achieve, Thida! You have treated your members well and one day they will understand why you did it.